All Day Every Day True Faith in Action

As we continue in the James series, Derek Olsen teaches this week on true faith. In this message we see that true faith has results, is proven through action, is more than what we believe, and is demonstrated not just talked about.

All Day Every Day: The Lure of Sin

As we continue our James series, Derek Olsen teaches on the power of temptation and the even greater power of God to overcome when we are tempted.

All Day Every Day: Turning Trials Into Triumphs

Derek Olsen leads into the second message from the James series with practical, scriptural teaching on how to overcome trials including keeping a joyful attitude, an understanding mind, a surrendered will and a believing heart.

All Day Every Day–An Introduction to James

Derek Olsen begins a new series this week covering the book of James. In this first sermon from the series, Derek teaches on introduction on who James is, why the book is important, what we can expect to learn and how we can pray for life transformation.