God Over Fear

Derek Olsen continues the Joseph series with this timely message of overcoming fear through the power of God.

Joseph: God Meant it for Good

Derek Olsen finishes up the Joseph series with a powerful reminder that God uses the hard things in our lives to bring about good.

Lessons in Forgiveness

Derek Olsen teaches from Joseph’s life tips for putting forgiveness into place in our lives.

When Doing What is Right Can Go Wrong

This week, Derek Olsen teaches on the importance of living with integrity when faced with temptation as he unpacks the Biblical account of Joseph and Potipher’s wife.

Joseph: The Pit of Despair

Derek Olsen continues the Joseph series with this week’s sermon about Joseph’s brothers selling him and sending him to Egypt.

How Do I Overcome Anxiety and Fear?

Derek Olsen answers the question from today’s “Asking for a Friend,” series with truth and encouragement from Scripture on how to overcome anxiety and fear.

Why Does the Church Talk About Money So Much

This week, as part of the “Asking for a Friend,” series, Derek Olsen teaches on what the Bible says about money, giving and our hearts. Watch to the end to see Derek’s conversation with some of this year’s graduates.

Where Do People Go When They Die?

Lead Pastor Derek Olsen teaches this week on the truths about where people go when they die. Both Heaven and Hell are real and our faith in Christ and response to His offer of salvation are a key part of this weekend’s lesson.

Asking for a Friend: Can I Trust the Bible?

Derek Olsen begins a new series today entitled, “Asking for a Friend.” This week’s message teaches on the authority of the Bible and why it is accurate, reliable, and relevant in today’s culture.