Harvest of Praise

During our annual Harvest of Praise service, Pastor Derek Olsen teaches on the joy that comes from connecting with God and others in the body of Christ.

Better Together to Overcome Weakness

Life is full of challenges, and we aren’t made to face them alone. God has given us the community of believers to support and stand with us through the ups and downs. Derek Olsen teaches today on Biblical examples of the need for connection to stand strong through adversity.

The Desire to Be Included

As followers of Jesus, we are not only included in God’s Kingdom, we BELONG there. Watch this week as Pastor Derek Olsen brings teaching on what it means to be a part of the Kingdom of God.

The Desire to Be Chosen

This week’s Connect series messages focuses on what it means in our life that we are chosen by God to be a part of His family.

Appropriate Touch

Pastor Derek Olsen teaches on our need to be touched by God, and appropriate touch and interaction from those around us.

The Desire to Be Safe

As the Connect series continues, Lead Pastor Derek Olsen shares how God meets our needs to be safe through His protection and provision.

The Desire to Be Blessed

Pastor Derek Olsen continues the Connect series with this lesson on the desire to be blessed by giving us three truths to hold on to. These truths include we are deeply loved by God, completely accepted by Him, and God is blessed by our desire to know Him, our love for Him, and our delight in Him.


The Desire to Be Affirmed

This week, Pastor Derek Olsen gives Biblical examples of affirmation through the lives of Noah, David, and Jesus.

To Be Known

This week, Pastor Derek Olsen teaches on what it means to be known by God and how that truth can change how we live and know others.