How Does Church Leadership Work?

Derek Olsen finishes up the “Asking for a Friend,” series with this message on church leadership, the role and qualifications of elders, and why the church has elders as part of the leadership structure.

How Do I Overcome Anxiety and Fear?

Derek Olsen answers the question from today’s “Asking for a Friend,” series with truth and encouragement from Scripture on how to overcome anxiety and fear.

Why Does the Church Talk About Money So Much

This week, as part of the “Asking for a Friend,” series, Derek Olsen teaches on what the Bible says about money, giving and our hearts. Watch to the end to see Derek’s conversation with some of this year’s graduates.

How Do I Lead My Family Spiritually?

Guest speaker Joey Link of Parenting Made Practical teaches on the Biblical standard for leading our families along with practical tips for good leadership in the home.

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

He is Risen!! Today, Derek Olsen answers the question, “Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?” as part of the “Asking for a Friend” series. Pastor Derek looks at Biblical and historical evidences that confirm the resurrection and makes application to our lives as a result of those truths.

What Is the Trinity All About?

Pastor Derek Olsen continues the “Asking for a Friend” series by teaching on the Trinity. God is three in one, and we can trust Him as God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Do All Religions Lead to God?

This week, Derek Olsen answers the question, “Do all religions lead to God”? Ultimately, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and Olsen teaches that life without Christ is exhausting and empty.
1. In Jesus, what is empty is filled.
2. In Jesus, what is dead is raised.
3. In Jesus, what is owed is forgiven.