A New Heart

As we continue in the book of Romans, Lead Pastor Derek Olsen teaches from Romans 6 about the freedom that comes from having a new heart through Jesus.

Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ

This morning as our youth help in leading services, Lead Pastor Derek Olen teaches through Romans 6 and the powerful truth that because of Jesus we can be dead to our sin, but alive in Christ.

Resurrection Power

In this Easter message, lead pastor Derek Olsen teaches about the life changing power of the resurrection in the lives of those who put their faith in Christ.

The Basis for Being Made Right

“Sin is powerful, but grace is more powerful.” Today, Derek Olsen teaches through Romans 5, and we can find reassurance through the truth that “while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Because of God’s extreme grace and mercy we have the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Faith Brings Joy

In facing sufferings, God is still at work. Pastor Derek Olsen is teaching that our faith produces joy as we continue to walk and trust in Christ for the hope and future that awaits us.

Anatomy of Faith

This week we take a look at Romans 4 and learn what God’s Word says about the differences between being saved by works or faith. Using Abraham’s life as an example, we see that we are truly save by grace through faith in Jesus.

Righteousness Revealed

In this week’s message, Pastor Derek Olsen explains how we are made righteous through Christ walking us through terms like justification, redemption and atonement. In doing so, we learn how Jesus makes us right with God by taking our place and paying our penalty price.

Religion, What Is It Good For?

This week’s message from the book of Romans sheds light on the importance of an organized religion, but the greater importance of our faith in Christ.

Religion Can’t Save You

As Pastor Derek Olsen continues the Romans series, his teaching help us understand the differences between religion and a relationship with Jesus.

The Desire to Be Blessed

Pastor Derek Olsen continues the Connect series with this lesson on the desire to be blessed by giving us three truths to hold on to. These truths include we are deeply loved by God, completely accepted by Him, and God is blessed by our desire to know Him, our love for Him, and our delight in Him.