Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry


As you enter the doors at the Church on Hilton Road, you will be greeted and directed to our education hallway. There you will find a friendly face ready to help you register your child for class. Each child receives a name tag and parents or grandparents will receive a coded tag to be used at pick up time. After stopping by the check in, you will go to your child’s class where you can meet their class leader. At the end of service, simply return to your child’s class and their class leader will dismiss them to you.


Elementary-age kids are in a constant state of discovery. Think about all the different things they are trying for the first time and what they’re learning every day, even how to make (and keep) friends. Our Elementary classes (K- 6th grades) are geared to intentionally help the spiritual development of our young students.

So, how will our team do this?

At the Church on Hilton Road, we believe that the church and family were made to work together to raise our children to be world changers. It’s impossible for us, on our own, to succeed at spiritual training children unless our team joins the momentum you generate within your family. We are a team together as we partner with you.  As parents embrace their God-ordained authority and lead their children to know God,  we as a church are here to support and resource you in your family’s faith journey

KidZChurch takes place every Sunday at 9 and 10:30am. At 9am, we focus on small group style teaching. Our 10:30am service is a church service structured just for kids with songs, activities and lessons they can understand and get excited about.

KidZRocK meets Wednesday nights from 6-7:15pm during the school year for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Our mid-week program focuses on teaching through small groups moving through various stations including games, songs, teaching and small group conversation times.


Infants & Toddlers

We know that leaving your new baby for the first time can be overwhelming. The volunteers in our infant classrooms have been chosen for this age group because of their love for babies and their training to care for all of the needs of your infant. We hope that the following information will help you and your baby have a great experience on Sunday morning.

Please bring labeled diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and any special blankets that will soothe your baby through the morning. As your baby develops and begins speed crawling and walking, your child’s teacher will guide you through the promotion process into our Toddler room.

If your child has any allergies or special needs, please inform the teacher.

Two-Five Years Old

These are fun and active stages in your child’s life. We are excited to have him/her at the Church on Hilton Road and look forward to teaching them. Our children’s ministry strives to help every child find and follow Jesus forever. We believe in an active, hands-on teaching method with our kids! Services are divided into several segments: fun activities designed to grab their attention, creative presentation of Bible stories, worship (singing and interacting with their leaders), prayer and teaching them what it means to talk to God.

We provide toys and activities in the classrooms. If your child has any allergies or special needs, please inform the teacher or contact our children’s ministry director.

Be sure to bring extra diapers and a change of clothes. Please label all items, including cups, diapers, pacifiers, etc.

If your toddler is potty training, please be sure to communicate that to the teacher. We ask that they wear pull-ups to the classroom.

Toddlers  will be promoted to the preschool classroom when they have turned 3 years old AND are potty trained.  Preschool Promotion will take place at the beginning of the school year for children preparing to enter kindergarten. As your child graduates out of our Early Childhood Program to our Elementary Program we want to mark this time as a milestone and celebrate with your family as you prepare for a new stage of life.

We can’t wait to meet your family, and look forward to your visit.