March Newsletter: Believe, Belong, Become!

March Newsletter: Believe, Belong, Become!

Imagine if someone picked you up and plopped you in the middle of a maze with a blindfold and no map! Confusion and frustration would overwhelm you. Your feet would stumble, and you would bumble around corners. You would feel an extreme level of despondency as you have have no way to gauge the progress of your task. You would be tempted to panic. You might cry. You might sit helplessly and do nothing!

Many people view life as this type of proverbial dark maze. They live like they are independently navigating a series of tasks with no clue of where they are going and no concept of what is in front of them. These individuals end up inventing stories to justify their existence, constructing their own values, or setting their own standards of success.
Fortunately, our creator did not intend for us to go through life disoriented, and the Christian life is much more like a path than a maze. We know the guidelines of life by reading the scripture; we understand how to function in our jobs and social lives by following scripture’s ethics; and we set our goals of success by measuring our spiritual growth with the teachings of Jesus. We don’t live by fumbling around ignorantly. Instead, we allow scripture to be “a lamp to our feet and a light to our path,” we have a joy that provides strength in the most stressful circumstances, and we have a gospel message of hope that we might even sacrifice our lives to share!

In our church’s run-up to the Easter season, we are going back to the basics and examining the purpose of our church: to help people believe, belong, and become. We want people to understand that this is a place where they can learn the truth (believe). We want the activities that we do here to be done in the context of a loving community (belong). We also hope that as you understand more truth and become increasingly influenced by believers, that you grow in holiness and draw nearer to God (become). If you feel like you are stumbling through life or even if you just need a hand as your trod life’s path, we welcome you to make NTCC, the church on Hilton Road, your place of support and refuge!


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