April Newsletter: Prayer Focus

April Newsletter: Prayer Focus

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

Smack-dab in the middle of Jesus’ sermon on the mount, we receive one of the most treasured promises for Christians. We are told to “seek first” God’s kingdom with the promise that all the things we worry and fret about (and more!) will be granted to us by God!

This promise is incredible and can only be attained by grasping our new life in Christ! When all of us are in our early life, we develop a variety of interests, ambitions, and goals. However, when we come to Christ, we begin to be transformed into something new! The things that we used to want fade away. The bad habits that we used to do move into the past. Our earthly priorities are replaced with biblical priorities.

A few of these changes will occur instantaneously at salvation. For instance, we might start enjoying worship music when we once hated it; we might forgive someone we loathed; or we might gain a new spirit of generosity. Other changes will only be found within the context weeks, months, years, or decades of prayer and Christ seeking.

God will teach us over a period of time that the earthly things we enjoyed are a little more than a mist, and we will have a new appreciations developed with a kingdom mindset. Moreover, other transformations that we experience will be hard. We might have a love for something in the world, but we know it is dross compared to the gems of Christ’s crown. We will make agonizing, prayerful decisions to value God’s kingdom over our old friends, church activities over family, and eternal experiences over earthly treasures.

When we’re making the changes and performing the sacrifices, it might seem nonsensical! We are changing our identities for something that we can’t even see! However, after we have made the choice and performed the action, we will be visited by God’s spirit which will be more firmly planted in our soul! We will experience the blessings of true kingdom living as we realize the power of seeking first God’s kingdom through prayer and finding our treasure in Him!


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